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Consciously Choosing a Partner

Gain access to an exclusive program that’ll help you start your love journey.

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Do you find yourself in the same relationship patterns, choosing the wrong partners?

Find out how you might be choosing a partner from a wound, insecurity, or social pressure, & what to look for instead.

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Let's deconstruct it, together.

We’ll start by looking back and breaking things down—your relationships, your values, and where they all stem from. Then, we’ll teach you practices that will help you look forward and know your core values to envision your most desired relationship.

Your first 10 days are FREE 

Our two week program consists of:

To get the most out of Consciously Choosing a Partner, it’s important to reflect honestly and be open to transformation. You’ll see results as you continue on the program’s journey and get into the content and community here at Inward.

Your first 10 days are FREE 

Hear from other women:

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"The peer I was connected to was on a different continent, and still I felt like she could understand and hear me, and I could understand her and what she’s going though. I was surprised the way this platform could bring people together, it was really interesting working on your mental wellness in a light and fun way."

- Inward User Imposter Syndrome Program

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