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Going through a breakup?

Join our text-based group breakup program built by experts.

$8.99 per month

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Understand and manage your emotions

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Take daily steps towards feeling better

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Receive daily encouragement and inspiration


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How it will work

Sign up and pay

To get started, we will ask your your phone number, as this is what we will use to begin the program.

Start group chat 

We add you to a peer group to continue our breakup program, all by SMS. You will receive programming messages in the morning and evening, and then facilitated support during the day.


We text you, via SMS, a form to fill for us to learn about your breakup, and match you with a peer group. It may take a few days to match you with a group, but we support you 1:1 until then!

Please note that this is not a therapy service.

A breakup program, all done by text messaging

The Inward team is a data-driven, science based and clinically backed team of entrepreneurs, technical staff and health professionals that are working together to help you heal faster from breakup or divorce.

Our personalized and compassionate program uses an effective combination of tools from science-backed research, psychology, relationship science, mindfulness, coaching and holistic wellness to help people accelerate their healing journey, elevate their emotional wellness and break toxic patterns. 

We’re here for you every step of the way, from the early days of heartbreak filled with acute pain to deepening your self-love and eventually preparing you to start dating again. 

Backed by Columbia University, Columbia Startup Lab

SMS chat support: be heard and understood

Practical daily tools recommended by experts to cope and heal

Connect with others going through the same situation for mutual support

Accelerate your healing process & emotional wellness

Topics include:
Letting go
Fear of being alone
Getting out of the victim mindset
Feeling overwhelm
Feeling shame
Strategies to move forward
Strategies for self-care
Feeling like you lost your best friend
The science behind breakups
How to heal when you've been cheated on
Fear of abandonment
Love vs Toxic Love
Dealing with anger
Empowering thoughts

and much more...

Helped 100+ people through the healing process

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