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Consciously Choosing a Partner


A myth when it comes to relationships is that you're incomplete without a partner. A conscious relationship is related to the relationship you have with yourself, as well as with others and the world around you. A lot of the work in finding and creating a conscious relationship includes detangling our relationship beliefs, when it comes to our self-worth and when it comes to the programs we’ve been conditioned to run on (from our past relationships or from childhood). This includes deconditioning some of our thoughts and beliefs from the past and deciding what we want to create moving forward. Before we can begin the process of what it is we want to create, we need to develop some core foundational principles for how we are going to live our lives. A big piece of this is understanding our core values and even our boundaries. The first part of this journey will help to help break things down and understand how we are currently choosing our partners might not be serving us. The last part of the journey will dive into understanding our values and what we are looking for in a partner in order to build the right mindset and perspective moving forward. Join for free for 10 days, then $24/month for all programs.

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Our two week program consists of:

To get the most out of our programs, it’s important to reflect honestly and be open to transformation. You’ll see results as you continue on the program’s journey and get into the content and community here at Inward.

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