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Unpack relationship patterns

Just can't seem to make a relationship work? Or finding yourself stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns? The first step: understanding what you are unconsciously attracted to.

$8 per month

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A text-messaging support group program: Join a community of women and dig in together

Increase your self awareness to:

Break patterns in choosing  new partners

We are often just attracted to people, and don't know why exactly. Let's bring the conscious to the unconscious: find where we are missing some of those red flags so that you can more consciously choose a partner

Better navigate relationships you're already in

By better understanding how our minds and relationship dynamics work, we are armed with a little bit more strength and resiliency as we navigate some of the stuff that is going to keep coming up

How it works:

Sign up and for the full month

We ask you questions to get to know you and understand where you are at

We match you into a group and put you in a chat where you can meet others going through the same thing

We send you daily content, exercises, and tools that you can do alone or discuss together with a group

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